Your marketing plan should be the strategic foundation of all of your marketing activities. It should connect your goals to your tactics, and your tactics to your budget. It should be the roadmap for your campaigns and programs. It should provide clear guidance for your creative team. And it should automatically adapt to changes in schedules, spending and strategic priorities. It should be one of the most valuable, versatile and well-used tools in your marketing team's kit—but it isn't, is it?

That’s because traditional marketing plans are at best a loose collection of disconnected spreadsheets, presentations, documents and generic tools—if they exist at all. Many marketing teams work without a marketing plan even when they know their team would be much more aligned and efficient if they had a usable plan.

Traditional marketing plans...
  • Are difficult to create, and often never get created at all.
  • Exist as an incompatible collection of generic documents and tools.
  • Don’t stay up to date.
  • Don’t get used after they’re created.
Planavia solves the shortcomings of a traditional marketing plan by bringing together the essential elements of a professional marketing plan in an intuitive application that’s integrated into your team's day-to-day activities. A Planavia live marketing plan provides continuous guidance and adapts automatically to your ever-evolving marketing environment.

Planavia live marketing plans...
  • Drive organizational and team alignment.
  • Reduce production costs.
  • Improve the performance of your marketing campaigns and tactics.
  • Provide performance benchmarks.
  • Adapt to changes in schedule, budget, performance and strategic priorities.
  • Have built-in templates and samples to help you on your way, the right way.

Planavia is now accepting applications to the beta release program!

We’re very very... excited to announce that the Planavia beta release is now available! It’s been over four years in the making—from idea, to vision, and numerous prototypes. We’re now at the starting line and looking for some brave marketing visionaries to join us on this first leg of our journey to change the way marketing plans are created and used.
A few details about the beta program and software:
  • The beta program will be active until the first general release planned for fall 2019.
  • The program will be free to all who are accepted, with no limit to the number of team members in each account.
  • Beta program participants will receive a high level of support via a ticket system and phone when applicable.
  • We will request structured feedback from the program participants in the form of two surveys.
  • Program participants who give feedback via the two surveys will receive a six-month subscription at no charge for their entire team when the general release version becomes available.
  • General release packaging and pricing is not yet set. Your feedback will help us decide!
  • The beta release will include a majority of the planned core functionality. New features may be introduced during the beta program or during the general release.
Who should apply:
  • We’re looking for courageous marketers that are driven to push past the status quo and help shape the future of marketing planning by jumping into Planavia live marketing plans with both feet and sharing their ideas, advice and experience.
  • We’re looking for teams of about 3 to 20 members, but that’s not a hard number. If you’ve got a smaller or larger team and want in on the fun, apply and tell us about your situation.
  • We’re looking for a mix of marketers from various types of businesses: products, services, B2B, B2C, agencies and consultants.
  • If you’re reading this and you don’t see any specific limitations, that means we’re still accepting applications from all types of marketers.
What to expect when applying:
  • The application form is short and to the point.
  • We’ll review applications as quickly as possible and correspond via email regarding acceptance and next steps. Likely within 48 hrs.
  • We may, or may not, accept your request to participate in the beta program for a variety reasons that may be known only to us, but if you’re genuinely interested please apply and we’ll respond.
Are you in?