About Planavia

Like many products, Planavia was born of frustration and need. I've been working in marketing and product development since the Internet was just a spark, and year after year I found myself creating and managing marketing plans using a makeshift stack of generic documents and tools. I had spreadsheets, kanban boards, and gannt charts for project management. I had more spreadsheets for budgets and performance targets. I had presentations for roadmaps and strategies. And every time I started a new job or took on a new client, I'd end up doing it all over again. Each time I'd search for tools that might help me integrate or streamline at least some of the key elements of my marketing plans, but I was never able to find what I was looking for.

The Need
Many marketers have seen the popular "Chiefmartec.com Marketing Technology Landscape (Martech 5000)" which catalogs and categorizes over 5000 applications used by marketers. In all of that, there is no category or subcategory for "marketing planning." I might have thought I was the only marketer alive who had ever looked for a tool to help create a marketing plan. But when I did a web search for "marketing plan" I got more results for marketing plans than I did for "marketing software," "marketing analytics," "marketing automation," and "marketing dashboard"—combined! Clearly, I wasn't alone. There are tons of articles and popular books written about developing marketing plans, and virtually all of them speak of developing strategies and tactical plans. Some even provide templates and outlines to help you develop the strategic elements of your traditional marketing plan, but I didn't find any that even suggested how you might integrate your strategies with goals, budgets, calendars, campaigns and tactics. They were document-based and inherently disconnected from the daily activities of the marketing team.

The Woodshed
Being a software designer and marketer, I thought "how hard could it be?" and set out to build a "quick" solution to solve these issues for myself—and quickly became obsessed with the idea. More than 3 years and 37 prototypes later, I arrived at a combination of features I believed addressed the essential aspects of a complete, professional, living marketing plan. Then with the encouragement of some of my marketing friends and the good fortune to be able to team up with some real development talent led by my former colleague En-jay Hsu, Planavia was born.

Planavia is in startup mode and currently testing our first beta release of the software in the real world. We're a small team headquartered in Colorado and driven by the belief that when marketing teams are guided by a live marketing plan they're more aligned, productive and their campaigns perform better.

We expect to be in beta through the summer of 2019 with a general release sometime in the fall. If you'd like to participate in the beta program, please take a look at the program details and fill out the brief application form.

We'd love to hear from you—frustrations, war stories, suggestions, questions, and advice are all welcome!

Robert Nendza